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Welcome to the Elixir Consulting blog. First a quick introduction. We are a group of business coaches in Australia who are really passionate about helping financial advisers to run better businesses. Some call this practice management, some call it consulting, we call it great fun.

We do what we do because we have an absolute belief in the value of quality financial planning and we want more people to access great advice. We’re avid fans of small business and so we believe that by using our skills and passion to help inspire, encourage, empower, and enable advisers to improve the way they run their business, we can increase the provision of quality advice to clients.

Through the work we do inside individual advice businesses, delivering keynote speeches, interviewing advisers for research and running group workshops, we spend our lives with financial advisers all over the country. That enables us to see a wide variety of business models, and experience the vast array of skillsets, techniques and brilliant ideas that work (and sometimes don’t) for different businesses.

We’ve written books, and for years we have contributed to industry magazines, and we’ve now finally started this blog to share our insights, observations and food for thought with professional advisers around the world. While many of the musings will come from our Managing Director, Sue Viskovic, each of our coaches will also frequently contribute, and bring different voices to what we hope will be a dynamic conversation. We hope you enjoy the content, and invite you to comment whenever you’d like to join the conversation.