Andrew George


Andrew George CFP® has had over 20 years experience in the financial advice industry. A father to Ethan & Chloe and husband to Nicole, Andrew has a passion for a weekly golf game and loves AFL. His experience includes running and owning his own advice business and then moving into mid-sized firms and then a large corporate. Andrew has experienced the full spectrum of the financial advice profession. His roles have included Business owner, Financial Adviser, Team Leader, National Practice Manager, Head of Advice and Business Coach.

Andrew has spent the last 10 years increasing client engagement; training and challenging advisers to articulate the true value of advice in language and concepts that clients will understand and feel comfortable with. He firmly believes that allowing a client to feel comfortable will ultimately result in clients taking action that will increase their ultimate financial security.

Areas of Specialty

Great advice, financial literacy, decision making and behavioural finance drive Andrew’s passion and his purpose to help financial professionals provide great advice and run fantastic, profitable businesses. He’s enthusiastic about helping advisers to navigate the significant waves of change that continue to affect the profession.

Andrew also has a love for public speaking and is infamous for his story telling ability to engage audiences. Behavioural Finance, unlocking value for clients, profitable pricing and engagement structures have been Andrew’s most popular topics.
Delivering value to clients, articulation of value, having prospects and clients take action and generating profitable fees are what Andrew believes are the cornerstone for a successful advice business.

Location & Contact

Andrew is based in Melbourne and services clients in Victoria and other States by agreement.

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