Strategy Session

If you’re looking for an expert strategist to help you assess your options and make some big decisions, or have a single scope of work for us to help you with, a Strategy Session will likely be your best option.

Prior to the session, your coach will undertake due diligence and assist you to analyse your current business, pinpointing the real issues to be addressed, in order to maximize the success of your business strategy.

In a Strategy Session, your key team members will step out of the business for one to two days (depending on your needs) and work on the business. Your coach will facilitate the session and guide your team to address the issues at hand, obtaining input from all involved, bringing insights and independent knowledge where appropriate, and enabling your team to reach resolution on what activities will be completed to address the issues.

Our Strategy sessions empower business leaders to lead their team with absolute clarity, articulating the future direction of the business, and summarizing the key activities that will be implemented.

Whether we continue in your corner to help you execute your strategic plan, or remain a resource to pull in whenever the need arises, a Strategy session will clearly reveal how you will achieve your chosen results, and get your team aligned and heading in the same direction.


You know you want to achieve more, but you’re not sure how.

You’re happy with your current profits but you’re concerned about your sustainability and/or not sure how you will successfully exit the business when the time comes.

Your business has plateau’d and you’re looking for fresh ideas and insights.

You want to tap into knowledge of what’s worked in other businesses and don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

You’re working harder than you’d like and you’re not getting the profits you deserve.

You’re too close to your business and want to access an objective viewpoint.

You have great ideas and you want some clarity and direction on what to implement.

You’re already successful and want a peer who can bounce strategies around with you, to help ensure you stay nimble, relevant and continue your success.

You know you have to undertake significant change to evolve your business and you want expert help to do it.

You intend to sell your business in the next few years and you want expert help to renovate it to get the best price.

You’re not happy with the quality of work/service your clients receive, and you want to improve it.