Power-Up Day

A Power-Up session is your exclusive, private Business Planning Bootcamp just for your business. Using our Juice Console as a framework, your coach will help you address your challenges and establish a business plan that will play to your strengths and achieve great things.

A Power-Up session may take one or two days (your coach will help you determine this when you do your initial discovery session). We often find that a Power-Up day is most effective when facilitated by two consultants, to obtain their combined knowledge and insights, plus better facilitation. Again, your coach will know what will work best for you when they know more about your business.


Articulate and refine your vision for the business and the current and future lifestyle you want it to enable for you,

Reflect on your Business Success Wheel Analysis (you will complete this in Juice prior to the session) and prioritise which growth-blockers you will work on first,

Solve the problems in your world – once you know which challenges you’ll address first, your coach will help you determine the strategies to solve them,

Create your Evolution Map, complete with targets, and clear and measurable activities that will take you closer to where you want to go,

Train your team in how to use Juice to stay accountable to the commitments you’re making to each other.