Nail down your business strategy, revise your pricing, and come out the other side ready to thrive in the new landscape of advice.

Want Some Expert Help to Future-Proof Your Advice Business?

With the rapidly evolving profession, many advisers are being forced to rethink their business model and to update their pricing model to increase their sustainability in line with the FASEA Code of Ethics. This means, to rewrite their business plan and strategy for the next year, to get on top of the changes and map out their way forward.  

This can be a challenging exercise... finding the time is hard enough, but knowing how to structure this time to get the best results and an actual outcome (rather than a list of further questions to ponder) is paramount to success. Engaging a business coach directly will get great results (if you get a great one who knows exactly what you're going through and how to help you)... but that's not always cost effective, especially for smaller businesses.  

Thankfully, there is a proven process that advisers can follow, and we've packaged it into a series of short, intensive interventions where advisers can spend much-needed time focused ON their business, and get help directly from our team of expert coaches to future-proof their business in a cost-effective way.  

Each participating business will get a blend of private coaching support, and intensive focused work in a group workshop facilitated by our Elixir coaches.  

These workshops aren’t passive speaking gigs where you just sit back and listen to us present ideas. These are active working days where you will make decisions, create strategies, do serious work on your business, and have our coaches right there to guide you along the way. 

Before attending the workshop, you’ll go through a thorough Business Analysis process to help you gain the clarity you need to focus on the right areas for best results in your unique situation.  

After the workshop you'll get a private coaching session, to help you overcome any blocks as you start implementing your grand plans.  

You’ll also receive 3 months worth of membership to the Evolve Alliance so you have access to tools, templates and inspiration as you start implementing the projects on your plan. 

Workshops are Split Up Over Two Days:

The program will earn 13.5 CPD Points

Day 1: Redefine Your Business Model

Day One is all about getting your head in the right place and defining the actions you need to take to move your business forward. You'll start to work through your pricing model and you'll document a clear strategy to fix your weaknesses, leverage your strengths, and achieve the growth and results you want in your business over the next financial year.

We'll take you through a process that will help you:

  • Understand the neuroscience of stress and limiting beliefs and how to improve your thinking and habits for greater results, improved efficiency and more peace!
  • Identify exactly what areas of your business might hold you back from success in the new advice landscape
  • Get extremely clear on what you want your business to look like in 12 months’ time - in financial and qualitative terms
  • Articulate your client value proposition
  • Define your service offerings
  • Identify and analyse the different options for Pricing Advice and select the most appropriate option for your practice
  • Calculate your cost to serve your clients, accounting for the actual overheads and resources in your business
  • Create your defined pricing model - how much to charge and when  
  • Analyse and improve your process to engage a new financial planning client

Day 2: Finalise your Pricing and Business Strategy

Day two is all about finalising the actions and skills you'll need to implement your new pricing model and business strategy. You’ll walk away with new confidence in your pricing model, you’ll have made a clear decision on how (or whether) to transition your existing clients to it, and you’ll be ready to present it with confidence to new clients.

We'll take you through a process that will help you:

  • Create an action plan to implement the new pricing model in your business, including the techniques and processes you will need to administer and ‘sell’ the model to your clients
  • Create and implement standardised documents within your practice, including a Client Engagement Letter, and ongoing Client Service Agreement 
  • Identify what strategies to implement, in what priority order, to achieve the fastest, most sustainable change in your business (and to reach the destination you desire)
  • Determine how to maintain or grow your cashflow while you’re evolving your business
  • Capture your grand plans in a one-page easy-to-interpret business plan
  • Determine how you’ll continue to focus on your business and hold yourself accountable to ensure successful implementation of your plan

What Previous Attendees Have to Say About The Business Evolution Blitz:

"We now have clarity on how to move forward, to make decisions"  

"I've gained the 3 C's ... Control - Confidence - Certainty"  

"We've now got the practical tools to make changes in our business"  

"We can make better decisions and stop wasting time procrastinating"  

"We have the belief and confidence to charge what we need to charge"

Retail pricing for groups of minimum six businesses:

Business Evolution Blitz program


Registrations include two people per business. Additional people are $550. All prices include GST.  

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Included in the registration fee for each business, in addition to the workshops:

  • A thorough Business Analysis using the Business Success Wheel system.
  • 1:1 private coaching session with an Elixir coach via Zoom after the event (worth $1,100).
  • A copy of Sue’s “Worth Paying For” book (worth $50).
  • A copy of Sue’s “Pricing Advice” book (worth $50).
  • A digital copy of the Adviser Pricing Models Research Report (worth $300).
  • 3 months access to Elixir’s Pricing Advice software (worth $165).
  • 3 months membership to the Evolve Alliance (worth $297).
  • All templates you will need to implement both your business plan and your pricing model (e.g. Evolution Map, Fee schedules, Terms of Engagement, Ongoing Client Service Agreement etc). 
  • Priority (optional) access to an Elixir coach for an ongoing coaching engagement (Priceless!)

Our Blitz program is currently being delivered to licensee groups, and we plan to schedule our next group of 'public' sessions for individual enrolment in July.

If you'd like to lodge an expression of interest for either the July intake, or to arrange a group booking, please arrange a time to discuss by clicking this link.

Got questions? Call us at 1300 683 680