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Creating the right digital first impression

9th March Tues @ 2pm AEDST
By Lana Clark and Emma Burdett

Do you feel you’re missing out on potential clients? When was the last time you looked at your digital first impression? Are you unsure of even where to start with your digital first impression?

Advisers often rely on referrals BUT it's important to remember there is a research and consideration phase the potential client goes through between hearing about your services and making the decision to reach out to you. When clients start looking for you online, you have one shot at creating the right first impression!

In this must-watch webinar, Lana will be joined by Emma Burdett, Director of 23Fathoms Marketing, to go through the foundations of digital first impressions including:

  • What we typically see from the financial services industry when it comes to online presence.
  • What makes up your digital first impression and the power of making it great.
  • How to make a great first impression online that attracts the right clients and leads to them contacting you.

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2021 Business Planning Essentials

With 2020 fast disappearing, are you currently thinking: What am I going to do to get on the front foot for 2021? What should we focus on in the new year to get more of the success we want in our business?

We'll be answering these questions and more by going through the specific things that you need to put in your 2021 business planning to drive your business beyond the legislative and cultural changes that you've been forced to endure. Don't just make incremental changes to satisfy your compliance manager - take a longer-term view of what you want to achieve and rebuild your business to get there!

As a special one-off to set all advisers up for success for 2021, everyone (not just our Evolve Alliance members) will be able to watch the recording of this Evolve Live Webinar topic any time. (If you just can’t face it this side of Christmas and you prefer to get inspired while lying on a beach with a cocktail in hand, who are we to stop you!)

Part 1 of 2: Advisers' Guide to Changing Licensees

Changing licensees causes a significant disruption to any business, and the analysis and selection process can be overwhelming. Which licensee will suit you best? Is self-licensing an option for you?

Join Monique and Sue as they walk you through our handy guide to help you clarify your thinking and fine-tune your hunt for the right option to suit your unique business. Leverage the knowledge we have in working with advisers around the country to maximise the likelihood of getting the decision right, first time.

Part 2 of 2: Is self-licensing the right option for you?

When comparing licensee options for your business, an option is to get your own license...Viable but not always advisable.

Join Graham as he dives into what you can expect from running your own license, warts and all!

He'll also be accompanied by Sean Graham, the founder and Principal of Assured Support. Since 1996, Sean has specialised in financial services law, compliance and risk management and has extensive experience in Distribution, stockbroking, product manufacturing and advice.

You'll hear some war stories and personal experiences, receive a checklist that will help you make the decision, and then establish the support network you'll need to make your decision a success.

Building efficiencies in to your advisory business, so you can work smarter.

Are you feeling a sense of overwhelm, frustration or burnout in your business? You are not alone! We see this often with our coaching clients. The good news is that there is hope! Through mindset, planning and technology, you can implement efficiencies to help. Especially relevant in today’s environment with remote working becoming frequent and usual processes flipped upside down. 

Join Lana and Alanna for this free webinar to learn more about: 

  • Mindset and setting yourself mentally for efficiency
  • Planning, tools and resources for implementing efficiencies
  • Tips, tricks and practical ways to manage your time

Delivering on the promise of advice

The real promise of great financial advice is to help clients live their best lives. Not to die rich, but to live a rich life, where money enables them to live a life they have dreamt about.

I think we can agree that this is why we joined this industry, and yet it feels like we've lost sight of that, with most training and investment of late focused on the compliance aspects of satisfying BID and not on streamlining compliance while truly engaging clients in the planning process.

What about the Adviser? Who is fighting for them? Who is helping them reach their potential? Who is helping them lead better lives?

In this webinar, Sue speaks with Santi Burridge, CEO of Lumiant Pty Ltd - a firm solving all these and more. We will talk about how advisers can improve their client engagement and enable their businesses to become bionic.

We will discuss techniques that enable advisers to build trust quickly, to give clients the gift of supporting them through life planning and aligning their values within families, to then go on to effectively design and act towards their best life.

And just as importantly, we will show you how you can lead your best life by putting you in the control seat.

BONUS...For this special event, everyone (not just our Evolve Alliance members) will be able to watch the recording of this Evolve Live Webinar topic any time!

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