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Life beyond Life Insurance Framework

The new Life Insurance Framework (LIF) poses both a threat and an opportunity for every adviser that provides insurance advice in Australia.

At Elixir Consulting, we’re on a mission to ensure that Australia keeps a vibrant community of IFA’s that continue to build a successful business delivering risk advice to clients.  We believe strongly in the need for quality risk advice and the invaluable difference it makes to families, and we have created a host of resources to assist advisers to evolve their businesses and thrive despite what changes are thrown at them.

One things for sure. LIF will mean that anyone providing advice on risk needs to reconsider how they run their business. For most advisers, sticking with business as usual will result in a significant drop in revenue and will put their livelihood at risk. When they’re ready to accept that fact and take affirmative action, the smart ones will reach out for professional support to fast-track their evolution, and learn from the experience of others, rather than reinvent the wheel. We’ve seen business owners take 2 – 3 years to reinvent their business away from a reliance on commissions, and we’ve seen those we’ve worked with, achieve it in as little as 3 – 6 months. These changes are far too important to do halfheartedly, not doing this well can have disastrous consequences on both business owners and their clients.

For over eight years, Elixir has worked with successful financial and risk advisers to help them evolve their businesses, to be on the cutting edge of practice innovation and to achieve significant growth targets. We are the authors of the Adviser Pricing Models Research Report, spanning hundreds of advisers across 7 years and 3 editions of the research. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how successful advisers evolve their pricing model to one that suits their business and their clients.

We’d like to say there’s one model that is perfect and will work in any business, and to give you the blueprint for that. The reality is, there is no one-size-fits-all model that will suit everyone.  In particular, pricing risk advice has more challenges and nuances than pricing financial advice.

What there is, however, is a proven process that every business can use to determine their own unique pricing model, whether that ends up being commission only, a hybrid of fees and commission, or exclusively fees, with no reliance on commission at all. Elixir Consulting has been the pre-eminent expert in Pricing Advice since 2007, having helped thousands of advisers through our books, research, software, training programs and coaching engagements. We’ve evolved the process to include pricing risk advice, and look forward to helping more advisers to successfully evolve their risk offering.

We work directly with advisers, and also provide Train-the-Trainer programs to accredit PDM teams to deliver the EvolutionTM  program to their networks.

Don’t leave it to chance, when you’re ready to get help, trust those with more experience and knowledge than any other provider in the market.

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