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Pricing has never been a more complex, or important area of business management.

Pricing is a critical driver of not only profit, but also client engagement and sustainability of every advice firm.  Elixir Consulting are specialists in this complex area, and we have assisted hundreds of advisers to improve their pricing model, and their bottom line. A large contributor to successful pricing is giving consideration to industry insights and since 2009 we have been releasing this world-first research into adviser pricing models.

Produced from information gathered via an extensive online survey, phone/online interviews and clarification via emails, the Adviser Pricing Models Research Report is packed full of valuable insights from 714 financial advisers and 59 risk specialists from around Australia. The depth of this information provided by participants (business owners and employees) is rarely disclosed and is considered commercially sensitive and personal (hence our NDA).

From how advisers price their initial advice, to their ongoing services and insurance advice; to when they position their fees, how they market their services, what they’ll charge and deliver to case study clients, right through to how they produce and deliver their advice, no stone is left unturned. For the first time, we’ve uncovered the recipe to the Secret Sauce to getting your pricing right. Available as full hard copy report, or in summary versions for download, this report is worth its weight in gold.

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Adviser Pricing Models: Research Report Fifth Edition includes:


  • Summary of Participants
  • Key Findings
  • Charging Models Used
  • How Much? A look at the Numbers Charged
  • Client Case Studies
  • How are Advisers Engaging with New and Existing Clients?
  • Pricing Insurance Advice
  • Challenges and Solutions
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Business Models


After 12 years of collecting and analysing information on pricing advice, we’re still fascinated by the insights it reveals. While fee-based advice has now been in force in Australia for many years, this edition is launched at a time where businesses have borne the brunt of increased licensing and compliance costs, government levies (ASIC and TPB fees), reduced insurance commissions (LIF has now been fully implemented), cessation of investment trail commissions and a new enforceable Code of Ethics that includes a requirement to deliver value for money to all clients.

A huge thank you to all who participated in the research, we had contribution from a range of business models from boutique to large licensees in every state of Australia. There are 714 financial advisers, 59 risk specialists and 46 mortgage brokers across 273 businesses that are represented in this research!


As business coaches who spend a fair amount of their time assisting our advisers to determine their pricing, we know firsthand that the numbers are only a small part of the pricing picture. We further extended the questioning in our data this year to also collect deep insights into the efficiency and productivity of firms, their growth and marketing activity and more qualitative information on the growth and success they’re achieving. This means we’ve been able to add new chapters of Productivity and Efficiency (think outsourcing, staff and clients per adviser, etc.) and How Advisers are Engaging With Both New and Existing Clients. With fixed term annual agreements about to commence, this information is particularly helpful.

 We’ve packaged the research in a variety of ways so you can access exactly what you need.

  • Purchase the full report as a printed hard copy delivered to your door. BONUS – you’ll also receive the digital version of chapters too!
  • Purchase the Adviser Insights Core Summary that is a digital file including the Key Findings, Charging Models Used and the Numbers Charged – and if you’d like more once you’ve purchased the Core Summary, you can purchase other chapters as individual supplementary chapters. This way,  you can curate your own version of the research with all the information that suits your needs.
  • Buy tickets to the Live Webinar Series – the ultimate deep dive into some of the Key Findings from the research. Get stuck into the nitty-gritty, ask questions, and listen in as our research authors share their own deep insights that go beyond publication.
  • Bundle ‘Em Up! The ultimate bundle includes the printed hard copy, digital versions AND the Live Webinar Series


The report is available in different print or digital download options. 

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Join us for an upcoming live webinar where we dive deeper in to the insights and key findings.

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Looking for a complete package? Buy a bundle for complete access to all the 5th Edition goodness.

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