New Client Process Flowchart – Risk Only Advice


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This flowchart is catered towards providing standalone advice on risk insurance only and is designed to be used as a conversation piece in your first meeting, to highlight what will happen throughout your engagement process. This chart details what will happen both when you meet with your potential client, as well as between meetings, demonstrating that there will be obligations to be completed by both the client and the adviser. They’re designed to help you improve your client experience, and help you articulate value in terms of the time and work involved to service them. (a good compliment to your other techniques of demonstrating the value of outcomes and the intangible factors for each client.)

The flowchart comes in a sleek design and your purchase price includes customisation by our graphic designer to incorporate your logo, preferred colour scheme and text edits.

In order to fit onto one page, the explanations of what happens in each meeting are summaries only. We suggest that you provide your prospective clients with more detailed information on your website/brochure to explain what happens in each meeting with the client, in language that suits your value proposition and communication style with your clients.

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