Lana Clark


As a coach I have the very great fortune of people allowing me into their life and business to help each and every day. Knowing what I do everyday can make a difference in someone’s life and business gives me a buzz. When I hear someone say to me that they have a restored faith in their financial planning business, I know that they are free to dream what they might not have thought possible. Helping someone achieve even a part of their dream is such a privilege.

After over 20 years in financial services having had many roles and seen much change, I never get tired of what’s around the corner. I believe we are all masters of change and when we get on board we achieve great things.

When I’m not working I’m running around after my 8 year old either at sport or at school. I’m passionate about the community and volunteer as often as I can. My other passion in life is music, my tastes are wide and varied and those who know me understand that I like to belt out a tune. Our home is often overflowing with family and friends; nothing gives me greater joy than a houseful of people and cooking a meal for everyone to share.

Areas of Specialty

Lana is passionate about assisting Financial Planning practices meet their objectives by ensuring they “get things done”. She believes that to have a business plan is the first step but follow up and follow through is the key to ensure ongoing success is measured on a regular basis.

Lana’s experience in delivery and implementation of policy, procedure and risk management has achieved operational efficiencies at all levels across business. Her belief is that it is simple enough to write a checklist or process, but getting people engaged is what it is really about. This means people working together to find the best outcome for all involved.

Location & Contact

Lana is based in Brisbane and services clients in Queensland and other States by agreement.

If you would like to schedule a 20 minute chat with Lana to discuss any of Elixir Consulting’s services, please visit this link and enter your details to confirm your appointment.