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Look to our Testimonials page to hear from some of our happy clients. The types of businesses and challenges we work with are many and varied, but here is one real-life example of the results we’ve obtained for one of our clients.


Multi-disciplinary advice business with financial planning, accounting  and finance broking.

The situation in 2016:

  • The client knew they were running an ‘old-school’ advice model and having bought out the original founder, were ready to innovate and were looking for guidance.
  • Felt they were ‘in a rut’ and knew they wanted to change just about everything—how they managed portfolios, priced their services, their back office, software, staffing,  how they serviced their clients.
  • Had just lost a couple of large clients which motivated them to do things differently.
  • They knew what they wanted to fix, they just needed help figuring out how.

Results after 5 years of Elixir Coaching:

  • Creation of client experience they are proud of.
  • High quality value proposition and portfolio management solution
  • More streamlined processes
  • Successfully lifted fees for existing clients with little push back.
  • 46.5% EBIT from sustainable income (after grandfathered commissions ceased)
  • Great team morale and culture

    Having an Elixir business coach will help you get better results,

    faster than if you went it alone!

    Our coaches understand the unique nature of financial  advice businesses, and we can bring you ideas, AND the  skills to implement them. Our proven process ensures  that we don’t just talk about what’s going on; we help you to get to the core of the issue, stay focused and do  what needs to be done, keeping people accountable to get the outcomes you’re after.


    Let’s get to know each other and determine if we can help you achieve what you’re looking for.

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