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Developed from years of working with advisory businesses around the country, Elixir consulting has made our tried-and-tested Business Analysis software FREE and accessible to help as many advisors not only survive, but thrive.

This free diagnostics test will help you gain true clarity of your business by highlighting areas that require the most improvements.

You can undertake the analysis process and receive a two-page summary for free. You also have the option of paying $275 and completing your Analysis during a live online workshop, where you’ll get three hours of insights and guidance from an Elixir coach, OR pay $550 to access your 30+ page customised Full Analysis report, complete with financial analysis, a high—level business valuation, and suggested action items to guide your business planning, OR pay $750 and get both (Select Upgrade when booking in for the Workshop).


Having coached hundreds of advice businesses since 2007, we’ve determined there are 16 key elements of an advice business that will determine its success. By answering a series of questions and inputting your data in the Business Analysis Software, you will be able to self-diagnose your business AND get a sense of how you compare to other advice firms.

Once completed, you will receive a two-page overview with your customised wheel and an understanding of where to best apply your focus, to leverage your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

Your Business Success Wheel

Your customised Business Success Wheel will provide you with a visual snapshot of your Business Analysis at a glance.

  • A green section with a straight spoke means you are doing well in a certain area.
  • A yellow section with a wonky spoke means you need a bit of work in a certain area of your business.
  • A red section with a missing spoke means you urgently need to fix that area.

And finally, whether the tire is flat or inflated indicates “the vibe” in your business – the intangible elements around the culture and social environment of a business. 



The process takes 30-40 minutes to complete and will require the following information to deliver accurate results:

  • A minimum of 2 years of your business’s financial history. 
  • Data on your last 12 months’ revenue by source.
  • An understanding of the number of clients (both engaged clients and passive clients) within your business. 

When you commence the Business Analysis process, we’ll enter into a mutual confidentiality agreement to confirm that we will not share your personal information. We will use benchmarking and industry statistics on an aggregate basis, and we will not reveal your personal information to anyone other than yourself.


If you would like to take it a step further and evolve your business, upgrade below to:

Business Analysis Workshop

Join one of our Business Analysis Workshops – a live 3-hour group workshop conducted via Zoom, where the Elixir team will guide you through a thorough analysis process and share insights into what has helped some of the most successful advice businesses in the country.

Full Business Analysis Report

Gain access to a 30+ page report that includes financial metrics and suggested action items to help you get started in improving your business