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Pricing Advice


They share this with their peers around the world. Pricing is a critical driver of not only profit, but also client engagement and sustainability of every advice firm.

It’s imperative to have a robust, consistent pricing model that stands up to scrutiny AND delivers value to the business and your clients. One that represents value to every client, is consistently applied across your whole business, and yet is flexible enough to appropriately price each clients’ unique situation. One that achieves the profitability and sustainability you desire, while enabling you to serve the clients you wish to serve.

Since 2007, Elixir Consulting has specialised in this complex area, and we have assisted hundreds of advisers to improve their pricing model, and their bottom line.

Our pricing expertise is bottled in a variety of ways:

Pricing Consulting Services

Creating the right pricing model to suit your clients and business model can be challenging. Crunching the numbers is only the beginning. Your team having the confidence to present your fees to new and existing clients will make all the difference in the future success of your firm.

Whether combined with an overall business improvement program, or as a standalone engagement, engaging one of our experience coaches to guide you through the process will help you nail your pricing model, and get your whole team delivering a consistent methodology across your client base. Tap into our deep knowledge to help you get it right, and gain the confidence to charge what you’re worth and position your proposition to your clients.

Conquer your pricing – group workshop program

If you don’t have the capacity to engage us privately in your business, you can still access our expert knowledge and pricing resources AND leverage the ideas and experience of other financial advisers, by completing our group workshop program.

Through this combination of group workshops and private coaching, you’ll not only nail down your model, you’ll have all the tools, the confidence AND the project plan to implement better pricing across your business. The Workshop program is the most cost-effective way to get hands-on assistance from one of our expert Elixir facilitators.
For more info including feedback from previous attendees, check out our  ‘Conquer your Pricing Online Group Workshop Program’.


Pricing Research

Since releasing the world-first research into adviser pricing models in 2009, ELIXIR CONSULTING has continued to research the market every few years, to answer all the questions you ever had about how other advisers charge for advice. 

Adviser Pricing Models Research Report – 6th Edition – Releasing November 2023


Pricing Advice Book

In this revised edition of Pricing Advice, Founder of Elixir Consulting, Sue Viskovic outlines the process for creating the right fee model for your financial advice business.

Available to purchase in paperback ($49.95) and also available as an eBook ($34.95).

Worth Paying For book

As a companion to Sue’s best-selling guide for financial advisers, PRICING ADVICE, this book will help you to price your insurance advice, including how to:

  • Identify what type of clients are best for you and your business
  • Appreciate the true value of the services you offer
  • Understand the pros and cons of different pricing options
  • Work out a pricing structure that suits your business – whether that includes commissions, fees or a combination of both
  • Onboard new clients in a way that sells your value
  • Answer questions such as “Should I really be charging for claims management?”
  • Get closer to your clients and educate them

Pricing Advice Online DIY Software Program

The Pricing Advice online program is the software that underpins all our pricing coaching at Elixir Consulting. If you’d like help to determine your pricing model, but you’d prefer not to engage one of our coaches, you can subscribe to the software and work through the program in your own time. Sound files and calculators will guide you through the process to arrive at your unique pricing model, calculate the right minimum fees for your firm, then customise fee schedules, and client engagement templates.
$55 per month for minimum 12 month subscription, INCLUDES a copy of the Pricing Advice eBook.