About us

Elixir Consulting was founded in October 2007 by Sue Viskovic.

Having witnessed the incredible results that business owners achieve when they have an independent expert in their corner to help them with strategic decisions, growth strategies and overall business advice, Sue created a consultancy that specialised in the business of advice.  A passionate believer in the value of excellent financial and risk advice, she founded Elixir in order to empower more advisers to deliver better advice through the evolution of better business practices.

Elixir now consists of a team of expert consultants, who all possess a wealth of knowledge about what works in business, and have demonstrable experience in helping their clients achieve greater success. Each consultant is a business owner in their own right, and channels their consulting in financial services through Elixir.  We provide coaching support, software services, training programs and keynote speakers on the plethora of topics that solve the business challenges of our clients. Our consultants get together regularly to leverage our experience, to share our insights and continue to develop both our skills, and new solutions for the profession.



Managing Director

Graham Burnard






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Like you, we believe to our core that good financial advice is crucial. What you do for your clients really matters. Your advice can be the difference in a client’s life between hardship and prosperity, between financial stress and freedom of choice.


The business of financial advice plays such an important role not just economically, but emotionally as well in society.

That’s why we are so passionate about the business side of financial advice. By helping advisers like you to structure and manage your own advisory business exceptionally well, the ripple effect out to the clients and families you serve is enormous.

That really lights our fire. And I’m sure, yours too.

But the business side of financial advice can take you away from what you love to do most: advise clients. A good business has enormous potential to give you and your family the life you want. That’s exciting. Sadly though, what we see all too often is great advisers getting drawn into a vortex of stress and complexity in running and growing their advisory business.

And that’s why I founded Elixir Consulting.

By bringing together a group of great people with deep knowledge and expertise in business (as well as the specific business of financial advice), we can provide bespoke consulting and targeted coaching services to help business owners and execs to make great decisions and implement business strategies that generate the results they’re seeking.

You’ll find that your business will not only be more profitable, it will be more fun and enjoyable. That will rub off on your clients as you advise them and guide them to a better, more secure and less stressful financial life.

We don’t take a prescriptive approach to the solutions to be implemented. Rather, the key to our clients’ success is our ability to help them articulate what they’re wanting to achieve, to uncover what’s holding them back, and to leverage our combined experience and our solid research to implement the right tactics to suit their unique situation. We do this by using an incredibly successful process and framework for engagement with our clients, as well as leveraging and sharing knowledge between our consultants.

If you’d like to find out what it’s like to work with us, just reach out and one of our Consultants will help you discover if we are or have what you’re looking for.