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What are advisers saying?


Our Business Analysis Workshops have achieved a Net Promoter Score of 88.

For those who aren’t familiar with Net Promoter Score, or NPS, it is the world’s leading metric for measuring client loyalty: “Any NPS score above 0 is “good”. It means that the business’s customers are more loyal than not. Anything above 20 is considered “favourable”. Bain & Co, the source of the NPS system, suggests that above 50 is excellent, and above 80 is world class.”

Thank you so much to our workshop participants so far for awarding us this wonderful score! 

“(Gave us) focused areas that I need to consider, prioritise and start working on.”

“The workshop provided us with a good opportunity to take “time out” of our daily tasks working in the business to work on the business. Through the process, we realised it has been quite some time since we clearly defined what our mission was. It was great getting the insights from other businesses as well as Sue’s broader knowledge from the various businesses she works with.”

“(Feeling) more enlightened as to the future directions for our business.”

“Clear structured way to work through the important components of running a financial planning business and identify which areas can be looked at for improvement.”


Meet the Coaches

Some of the most experienced and enthusiastic coaches you’ll ever engage, the Elixir business coaches have a wealth of knowledge about what works in advisory businesses and have proven track records for helping their clients achieve greater success.

Sue Viskovic

Lana Clark

Graham Burnard

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