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A business plan is no longer just a ‘nice-to-have’.

A solid business plan identifies where your business is currently at, where you would like it to be, and what actions you’ll take to reach those goals. Your blueprint for success – a business plan – has never been more important.

Finding the time to create an airtight business plan is hard enough, but knowing how to structure this time to get the best results and an actual outcome (rather than a list of great ideas that go nowhere) is paramount to success. Engaging a business coach directly will get great results (if you get a great one who knows exactly what you’re going through and how to help you)… but that’s not always cost-effective, especially for smaller businesses. 

Here is what we know: 

  • Advising clients compliantly is so complex that most Financial Advisers spend too much time working IN the business and not ON the business.
  • Advice firms won’t have a problem finding clients in the coming years, but only those with a strong business plan, taking a conscious approach to how they run their business, will build a sustainable future and leverage this market opportunity.
  • There will always be new ideas. If you’re clear on your vision for your business, you’ll stay nimble enough to implement your plan, and recognise new opportunities without being distracted by time-wasting noise.
  • For every challenge you have in your business, there are a range of different solutions, many of which have been successfully implemented by others before you. Sharing ideas and experience with experienced coaches and other business owners will help you select the best actions for your business plan without reinventing the wheel.

The Business Planning Program centres around the
Business Planning Workshop

This is your opportunity to create a concise and practical business plan to implement for a sustainable future with a dash of tailored support from the Elixir coaches and your industry peers to leverage and share ideas with other advisers. 

From our years of coaching hundreds of financial advice businesses, we have a proven process that advisers can follow, and we’ve packaged it into a series of short, intensive interventions for our 1-Day Business Planning Workshop

What will you achieve?

Our Business Planning Workshop focuses on getting your head in the right place and defining the actions you need to take to move your business forward. You’ll document a clear strategy to fix your weaknesses, leverage your strengths, and achieve the growth and results you want in your business over the next financial year. 

In a time-effective and cost-effective way, we’ll take you through a process that will help you:

  • Get ideas, solutions and best practices from peers and expert coaches.
  • Identify exactly what areas of your business might hold you back from a successful, sustainable future.
  • Get extremely clear on what you want your business to look like in 12 months’ time – in financial and qualitative terms.
  • Identify what strategies to implement, in what priority order, to achieve the fastest, most sustainable change in your business (and to reach the destination you desire). 
  • Capture your grand plans in a one-page, easy-to-interpret business plan. 
  • Determine how you’ll continue to focus on your business and hold yourself accountable to ensure successful implementation of your plan.
  • Earn 9.75 CPD points

Not only will you walk away from the workshop with a new business plan, you will also walk away with a renewed sense of confidence and knowledge to immediately start implementing. 

Business Planning Workshop Options

We have some exciting plans coming up

for 2023!

Facilitated by the Coaches

Some of the most experienced and enthusiastic coaches you’ll ever engage, the Elixir Coaches have a wealth of knowledge about what works in financial advice businesses, and have proven track records for helping their clients achieve greater success.

Sue Viskovic

Lana Clark

Graham Burnard

What can you expect from the Program?

Each participating business will get a blend of private coaching support and intensive focused work in two group workshops facilitated by our Elixir coaches to help you get the best of both worlds – access to an expert strategist coach for proven strategies and insights PLUS leveraging and sharing ideas with like-minded peers.

3 Hr Online Workshop 

Before attending the Business Planning workshop, we’ll guide you through a critical thinking process with our Business Analysis Online Workshop – a live 3-hour group workshop conducted via Zoom – to help you gain the clarity you need to focus on the right areas for best results tailored to your unique business. You’ll hear from the Elixir coaches on what has helped some of the most successful advice businesses in the country, and then have the time to reflect upon your options before making decisions in the Planning Workshop.

Full-day in-person workshop

This is not a passive speaking gig where you just sit back and listen to us present ideas. These are active working sessions where you will make decisions, create strategies, do serious work on your business, and have our coaches right there to guide you along the way.

Private Coaching Session

After the workshop, you’ll get a private coaching session to help you overcome any blocks as you start implementing your grand plans. 

Tools, templates and resources 

You’ll also receive 3 months worth of membership to the Evolve Alliance portal, so you have access to tools, templates and inspiration as you start implementing the projects on your plan. 

10% Off Implementation Services 

And a 10% off discount for our new brand and service, GSD Lab, to implement your business plan and projects.

Feedback from advisers


Going through this process will help you move forward so you can start making better decisions and, and stop wasting time procrastinating on what needs to happen.

Amanda Pond


I absolutely advise to come and do these because taking the time away from your business is really critical to be able to evaluate these areas and go to the next stage.

Drew Hickey


Definitely recommend it to other advisors. So the content was very, very good, but also just the ability to talk to different people from different walks of life that you might not otherwise come across.

Peter Holland


We did have reservations, was it going to be value for money and I can absolutely say yes, I think it exceeded our expectations. So yeah, certainly value for money. recommend it to everybody.

Jane Looker

Your investment

Business Planning Workshop

$3,300 (inclusive of GST)

Registrations include two people per business. Additional people are $110 per person. Capped up to 5 people per firm.

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Included in the registration fee for each business:

  • A thorough Business Analysis with the 3-hour Business Analysis Online Workshop (worth $750)
  • A full-day in-person workshop to leverage the knowledge of your Elixir coach and peers to finally nail down your business strategies (Priceless!)
  • A one-on-one private coaching session with an Elixir coach via Zoom after the workshop (worth $1,100)
  • 3 months membership to the Evolve Alliance portal (worth $330)
  • All the templates you will need to implement your business plan
  • A 10% off discount for our GSD Lab implementation services
  • Priority access to an Elixir coach for an ongoing coaching engagement (if you choose to continue)
  • Earn 9.75 CPD points.

Upcoming Workshops: 

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Business Planning Workshop Options

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