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Since releasing the world-first research into adviser pricing models in 2009, ELIXIR CONSULTING has continued to research the market every few years, to answer all the questions you ever had about how other advisers charge for advice.

The fourth edition of the pricing research is now available, and contains in-depth information collated from 320 advice businesses, about how they charge for their advice in the 2017 financial year. Discover what models are being used now, how much advisers are charging, the challenges they face and how they’re overcoming them.

If you’re wanting to validate your pricing philosophy, stay ahead of the curve, or move through your pricing fears and price the right way for your unique service model, the 2017 edition of our Adviser Pricing Models Research Report will help.

As the fourth edition in a decade of providing this research, we know that the data it provides will remove the mystery behind the models that work, the solutions to the challenges faced by most advisers and provide insights into the amounts being charged at different points in the advice process. This research answers the age-old question…”how do other advisers charge?”

Read the research to understand the trends and pricing models being used by your peers in the Australian advice profession. How, When and How Much are other advisers charging for their advice?

Gain insights and see the models being used and figures being charged, for pricing:

  • insurance advice
  • engagement fees for new clients with comprehensive and limited scope advice,
  • engagement fees for aged care, estate planning, finance advice
  • ongoing fees – for comprehensive and limited scope advice
  • See how advisers would charge 6 different client case studies, ranging from the tradie wanting to protect his young family, to wealth creators, wealth builders, pre-retirees, retirees at varied levels of wealth and an elderly client moving into aged care.

This information is invaluable for advisers who are refining their fee structures and licensee staff who help them. Understanding what models are working for others and what price points are being used will assist advisers to consider alternative solutions to their challenges, and understand how their own pricing model compares to the market.

This Research is available in a variety of formats:

Adviser Pricing Models Research – Risk Advice Insights edition

This Risk Advice Insights Summary edition is a single download digital file designed for risk specialist advisers who want to see the pricing for insurance advice only.

$199 inc GST

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Adviser Pricing Models – Financial & Risk Advice Insights edition

This Advice Insights – Financial & Risk edition is a single download digital file for advisers wanting just the summary info for financial and risk advice – it contains the chapters of Key Findings, The Numbers and Models used, and Pricing Insurance Advice.

$299 inc GST

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Adviser Pricing Models Research – FULL REPORT

The Full Research Report is available in hard copy only, and includes everything from the Summary versions plus chapters on Client Case Studies, a snapshot of six full Business Models in practice, Challenges, Emerging Trends, and Further Insights.

Individual copies $1,499 inc GST per report.

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For licensees and corporate businesses wanting to upskill their staff and master the knowledge to help with this critical area of advice businesses, we can create a package to suit your needs:

  • Multiple copies of the hard copy (full) Research Report
  • Plus online OR in-person meeting with your team to present and discuss the findings
  • Plus distribution rights of the digital summary version to your adviser network
  • (optional) add a conference speaker for your event, to share the findings (all delegates can receive the digital version)
(optional) add a slide deck for PD day presentation – to be delivered by your own staff – including one prep/training workshop prior to delivery

From $10,000 (+GST)

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