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Practice Managers Training Program – Optional Coaching sessions




As part of the Emerging Practice Managers Training Program you have the opportunity to book two private coaching sessions (2-hours per session) at a discounted rate. All coaching sessions will be held via Zoom with an experienced Elixir coach and content will be at the discretion of the student.  

Private coaching for this program is not just accessing a tutor who will help you with what’s in the course material. Coaching will be conducted with an Elixir business coach, so you’ll get personalised support on developing your career, on helping with the unique challenges in the business you work in, and you’ll also be able to leverage the contacts and additional experience of one of Australia’s best business coaches. With deep experience in financial advice businesses, and access to the greater network of the whole Elixir team, there are very few people in the country with their level of expertise. 

During these private coaching sessions students may choose to seek support in their current role, assistance with course material or understanding how to develop their career.
After purchasing, you will receive a link to book your three coaching sessions into your preferred Coach’s calendar. 

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Monique le Roux, Graham Burnard, Lana Clark