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Full Business Analysis Report


Once you’ve completed the question set and input your data into the Business Analysis software, your customised wheel will be created. The Full Business Analysis report is a 30+ page tailored report, capturing your business at this moment in time. Including explanations of the relevance and meaning of each of the spokes, and your current state (ie all of the questions you answered in the system), this will become your comprehensive guide to which areas you can focus on for your business planning, to generate the greatest improvement for your firm.

Your report will include customised financial metrics, ratios and trends, including a high-level business valuation, along with a substantial list of suggested action items, so you’ll know exactly where and how to focus if you wish to take the next step and start improving your business.
Most firms update their Business Analysis each year as part of their Business Planning process, to re-focus their attention, build their intel on what’s working, and keep their financial ratios updated.