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Pricing Advice DIY Online Program – monthly subscription

$55.00 / month




This is the software that underpins all our pricing coaching at Elixir Consulting. If you’d prefer not to get help from one of our coaches, you can subscribe to the software and work through the program in your own time. You can then re-enter the program as often as you wish, to access your fee schedules, or update your calculations.

Whether you don’t know where to start or your fee model is a work in progress, this 10-step program will help you to:

  • Define your service offering
  • Determine which structure is right for your business — fixed fees, hourly rates or asset-based fees
  • Calculate your cost to serve your clients, accounting for the actual overheads and resources in your business
  • Create your defined pricing model – how much to charge and when
  • Compare your pricing and your workflow timings against other users in the system, with the live Benchmarking Module.
  • Stress-test your pricing model in different scenarios to model the impact of business decisions such as increasing or decreasing staff, moving premises etc
  • Create an action plan to implement the new pricing model in your business, including the tools and processes you will need to administer and ‘sell’ the model to your clients
  • Importantly, keep your pricing model up-to-date as your business evolves.

Working through the online program will earn you at least 12 CPD points* in your first year, and your subscription will enable you to create your pricing model, and test as many different scenarios as you choose.

Your subscription includes:

  • Pricing calculators, with the ability to change variables and ‘stress-test’ your fee model against factors such as changes in staffing, increasing overheads, alternate profit margins, etc;
  • Video and Audio files with further explanations by from the Elixir Consulting Coaches;
  • A digital copy of the book ‘Pricing Advice’ by Sue Viskovic, for you to read on your iPad or Kindle.
  • 50% discount if you prefer to access a paperback version of the book.

Your subscription is payable in monthly instalments. After your first year, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We find most user’s don’t, as they use this tool as an invaluable part of their regular business planning, and update their overheads each year to ensure that their pricing model remains appropriate, and to continue to benchmark their pricing.

Completing the Pricing Advice Program will provide you with:

  • Your service offering documented, and your pricing model defined
  • A confident sense of how your pricing compares to other advisers
  • Just what you need to successfully implement your new fee model,  including:
    • Engagement fee schedule — with your numbers
    • Ongoing fee schedule — with your numbers
    • A clear plan to implement your new pricing model within your business.

You can purchase your login by clicking Add to Cart above. When you purchase the online DIY Pricing Advice Program, you will be sent your login details and instructions for how to access the program within 24 hours.

As you work through the ten modules, the program will build your pricing model, and you will then be able to download all of the outputs listed above. The program will take you 4 to 8 hours to complete and we recommend you do this in a number of sittings. You will be able to re-enter the program as often as you wish throughout your subscription period.

*This online program is accredited by the AFA to earn 12 CPD points for time spent collating and considering your data and processes.