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We have engaged Sue for the last 15 years and going from an infancy to mature business hasn’t stopped the quality of advice provided by her. In fact, we have gone from one of the most profitable businesses within our dealer group and recipient of the WA/NT Excellence Award to being successfully self-licensed and growing across the state, all because of her help.

Her knowledge of the financial services industry is second to none and every legislative roadblock has been overcome with ease by administering her recommendations for our business. Our processes are now such that clients are more informed & happier from restructuring service agreements. She also helped with employee KPI’s and job descriptions being rewritten to ensure staff and business satisfaction.

Sue is also an innovator, whereby she constantly keeps up with industry trends and this helped us facilitate a smooth transition that improved efficiency and transparency. Her Pricing research enabled us to benchmark ourselves against our peers as well as rethink our fee structures to ensure profitability to all owners whilst providing client value with the minimal of fuss.

We cannot thank Sue enough for her hard work and dedication. She is our lighthouse in the financial services unchartered waters and would have no hesitation in recommending her to any other financial services businesses.