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Hey you! Yes you…..my master who has been stretching me and not giving me enough attention lately cos you’re sooooo busy. It’s me! Your business! You’d better not forget about me this Christmas!

I hear you muttering to yourself and worrying about what the future holds….I know you’ve been busy sorting out all the problems for the clients and the staff. But when was the last time I got a bit of that love? How do you think that makes me feel? I know you’re busy so I’ve hunted down what I want for Xmas – or we could call it a Happy New Year present?  It’s only one thing….I want you to spend more time with me. Not working me…I mean with me – massage me, mould me – I’ll grow into whatever you want but if you leave me to my own devices I’m going to start becoming a monster you might not like…

I want you to take the time to work out what you want me to look like…and then I’ll become that. My present is just as much for me as it is you. I see you working too hard, and stressing too much, I see these great ideas you have keep getting swamped by client work and phone calls and staff stuf.. Help me help you.

Buy me a subscription to the Juice Console and get me on it – I promise then we can ride off into the sunset together…otherwise if you leave it to me to decide you might not like the direction I take!!!

Here’s the link….go on. Do it! Pretty please????