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If you have experience in coaching advice businesses, you may have heard of Elixir Consulting. We’ve been providing independent consulting and coaching services to financial advisers, risk specialists and accountants for almost eight years. We also service licensees, fund managers and insurers, when they want to add value to support their advice network and improve performance. We are well-known for our thought leadership, our high quality service and great results that we help our clients achieve.


As corporates rethink their value propositions and more advisers look to external assistance to evolve their businesses and increase their success, we’re finding the need to increase our resources on the ground in both Sydney and Melbourne.


We’re currently seeking out expert strategists in Sydney and Melbourne who are brilliant at helping their clients achieve outstanding results.

If you have a passion for helping great advisers to provide more quality advice to more people, then we’re coming from the same place.


We don’t employ coaches on salaries…we find that when a business pays for an external expert to help coach them in running their business, they’re usually seeking someone who knows what that means from first-hand experience.


What are we looking for?

Sydney and Melbourne based coaches who are passionate about helping advisers to evolve their business and improve the services and advice they provide their clients, and as a result, improve the outcomes they enjoy as business owners.


We’re looking for people who:

  • Have a proven track record of helping advisers improve their results – you already have raving fans who will be happy to provide a recommendation and/or testimonial,
  • Have deep experience in a range of business issues – pricing, building service propositions, gaining back office efficiencies, improving client engagement, marketing, business planning, and everything in between,
  • Have a consultative approach to their coaching – you’re not opinionated, dictatorial or precious in the way you coach advisers…you understand that there are many viable ways to do things in a business, and your primary aim is to help your clients to identify their options, broaden their thinking, and make the best strategic decision to suit their vision, values and client base,
  • Are willing and able to implement their own marketing strategy within the greater group and won’t hesitate to explore and seek opportunities. ie you will leverage off, not rely completely upon, the Elixir brand and marketing, and your passion for delivering great service extends to following clients up and having the ability to sell your services,
  • Play well with others – you are great at working autonomously, and you also love being part of a team who can share ideas, support each other and continue to develop and grow,
  • Have an innate ability to influence others – to inspire them to think differently and then support them as they explore new territories, and keep them accountable to the commitments they have made,
  • Love – and are great at – pubic speaking….be that to small workshop groups or larger conference audiences (this skill is optional but highly desired!)


 7 Reasons why you’d consider this to be an awesome opportunity:

  1. Trusted Brand… if you’ve been out coaching as an independent consultant for a while, you might have found that once your initial contacts and opportunities are exhausted, it’s hard work keeping your marketing engine running to fill your pipeline, and building a brand that is well-respected and can open doors,
  2. When it comes to creating the resources, infrastructure and frameworks to deliver your services, why reinvent the wheel? Elixir has proven tools and processes that you can leverage, to help your clients achieve greater levels of success (Have you seen the latest in our toolbox, the Juice Console? It is awesome!),
  3. It’s lonely on your own! Being part of a group with other awesome coaches means that you can share ideas, knowledge, celebrations and frustrations. We get together three times a year in a think-tank, and speak regularly in between,
  4. Flexibility and independence – you won’t be losing your pound of flesh to a corporate employer – you’ll still have high expectations on delivering outstanding services (you would want nothing less!) BUT you have the flexibility to have a life and manage your time on your own terms,
  5. Being part of a national group of consultants you have the ability to access opportunities you just wouldn’t see on your own.
  6. Usually, the downside to being a consultant means that when you’re not billing out your time, you’re not earning. The flexibility is great, but your ability to earn passive or leveraged income is limited. Elixir consultants have a number of different ways they can generate passive recurring income to subsidise their consulting fees
  7. We want to help you build your personal brand while leveraging off the Elixir brand. If you have more to give than individual advice, we want to help you bring that to fruition and can provide a marketing engine to get your IP out into the world


If you think you’re what we’re looking for, and you love the sound of this opportunity, please Click here to contact us for a confidential discussion.