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It’s been touted that we’re currently in the ‘golden age’ for financial advice, and we agree – there is tremendous opportunity to grow resilient, sustainable advice firms … and yet one of the biggest things that will prevent firms from leveraging their opportunities – to grow profitability AND their joy in the business AND keep delivering phenomenal client experiences and changing lives … is their back office.
If they can’t solve their efficiency issues, and have a back office that hums like a well-oiled machine, they’ll miss the boat.
Who is best placed to get that machine humming, and build your people and culture? It’s rarely the advisers – their time is better focused on delivering great advice.
It’s better handled by a Practice Manager – or if your firm isn’t big enough yet – a team leader in your CSO team.
But how do they learn to do this? Where can they pick up tailored education that is perfectly designed for the emerging Practice Manager of a financial advice firm?
This is a question that we have solved, working together with some of our firms to create the best blend of learning material to create the Emerging Practice Managers Training Program, and there are two weeks left to enrol in the next cohort.
The purpose of this program is to turn your support staff into revenue enabling staff – not just a cost centre.
Click play to hear more from Lana Clark and Sue Viskovic, about this program, and go here for more detail and to register.
Note, our current program kicks off on December 5th and students will be able to complete modules 2 – 5 in their own time throughout December and January, before the next live (online) workshop occurs on the 16th of January.
Any questions, just reach out!