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The Practice Managers Training Program – February 2024

Welcome to the Practice Managers Training Program.

Welcome to the Practice Managers Training Program. We are thrilled to support you in your career aspirations, and look forward to working with you over the next six months.  As you work through the program, you will find that each of the 12 modules are made up of a series of lessons. Work through each lesson in your own time, and be sure to take notes and explore the links that are included. We will ‘dripfeed’ each module into the portal over time, so as not to overwhelm you with the amount of content on day one.  We suggest that you complete each module in numbered order, but the modules can be completed out of sequence if you need to. You can also revisit previous modules during the program if you choose.  The recommended completion period for this program is 20 weeks; you will have access to the training materials for an additional 4 weeks after the final live workshop session, in the event you need to catch up on modules. Access to the learning portal will close on the 19th of July, 2024.  The course is designed to set you up with the skills and knowledge of how to effectively manage a financial planning business. You’ll note throughout the lessons that we will often provide links to invaluable resources that you will want to bookmark for continued use in your role. Resources such as WorkSafe & other Workplace Health & Safety sites and will be a constant source of updates on changing legislation for you. 

Evolve Alliance Portal You will also see throughout the lessons, that we’ll often link off to the Evolve Alliance portal. This is our online portal that houses all our tools, resources and templates that financial advice firms subscribe to. You’ll have unlimited access to the portal during the course, and as a part of the Elixir Practice Manager Alumni, you’ll receive a code to obtain a 20% lifetime discount to the service, for your business to continue to subscribe after you’ve finished the program. You’ll find this will be your secret weapon to keep access to great templates and all the latest ideas and updates on running a better advice business. 

Live Workshops Seven of the twelve modules include a live workshop (dates and details below), hosted on Zoom. These workshops won’t just be a facilitator reading the material that you have access to. The workshops are a fantastic opportunity to join your peers and facilitator live, to explore the concepts more deeply, ask questions, and do practical activities to embed the learnings.  These sessions are also a great way to learn and share with your peers, about examples and challenges that are happening in other firms. It’s incredible how reassuring it can be to know that you’re not the only one with either great ideas, or great big problems! It’s important that you have completed the course material prior to the live workshop for each module, so you can get the most from the session. In saying that, if for some reason you haven’t finished all of the material before the live workshop, you’ll still benefit more from attending it live, rather than watching the playback afterwards. The recordings of the live workshops will be uploaded to the learning portal within two business days of each session, for you to revisit the gold if you want to. 

Assessment At the end of each module there is a multiple-choice assessment. We recommend that you complete the assessment as you finish each module, while the information is fresh in your mind, and to detect any areas that you might want to revisit to improve your understanding. You’ll need to achieve 70% accuracy in each module quiz to receive the certificate at the end of the course. You have unlimited attempts at the quiz. (This isn’t a course to license you, rather it’s designed to support you as you learn new skills and improve your knowledge!). 

Private Coaching/Mentoring sessions As a student of the course, you have access to discounted rates on private coaching/mentoring sessions. Private coaching for this program is not just accessing a tutor who will help you with what’s in the course material. Coaching will be conducted with an Elixir business coach, so you’ll get personalised support on developing your career, on helping with the unique challenges in the business you work in, and you’ll also be able to leverage the contacts and additional experience of one of Australia’s best business coaches. With deep experience in financial advice businesses, and access to the greater network of the whole Elixir team, there are very few people in the country with their level of expertise.  These sessions are optional. If your coaching sessions were purchased at the time of enrolling (or provided with a scholarship grant), you will have a personalised booking link in an email. For more information, and to purchase sessions, click this link. Or, if you want to book single 60 minute sessions, click here with the discount of $100 per session already applied.

Elixir Consulting Practice Managers Alumni Peer Group You also now have lifetime access to the Elixir Consulting Practice Managers Alumni group on LinkedIn. This is a private group, exclusively for students of the Practice Managers training program, where you can share ideas and challenges with your peers, and get continued support from your network. Simply click here and request to join the group. Be sure to introduce yourself on this post. If there’s enough demand at the end of the course, we’ll also facilitate a live peer group, where we’ll facilitate ongoing get-togethers with your peers and ensure that you keep on track with your progress in your business. 

Important Dates Each module will be released on the following dates. Make sure that you’ve accepted the calendar invitations to each of the live workshops, as the zoom links are embedded there. If you haven’t seen them, check your junk folder, and then reach out to Craig at [email protected]. 

Module Course Material released Live Workshop date
Module 1 2nd February 2024 2nd February 2024
Module 2 5th February 2024 n/a
Module 3 19th February 2024 23rd February 2024
Module 4 11th March 2024 15th March 2024
Module 5 18th March 2024 n/a
Module 6 1st April 2024 5th April 2024
Module 7 8th April 2024 n/a
Module 8 29th April 2024 3rd May 2024
Module 9 20th May 2024 24th May 2024
Module 10 27th May 2024 n/a
Module 11 27th May 2024 n/a
Module 12 17th June 2024 21st June 2024
Course close 19th July 2024 n/a

Module 12 - Wrapping up, and where to from here?

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