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Pricing Research 5th Ed- SINGLE WEBINAR #1: Key Findings


As the sixth edition of the Pricing Research will be released in late 2023, the fifth edition is now available at half price.


Webinar Hosts: Andrew George & Sue Viskovic

Spend an hour with us as we deep dive into some of the key findings from the research, in particular the recipe for the Secret Sauce for getting your pricing right!

Topics covered in the webinar: 

  • Secret Sauce Recipe for getting your pricing right.
  • How much – charge out rates and do they make a difference?
  • Increased costs and compliance requirements are not yet evident in initial advice fees EBIT being selective about clients
  • How were advisers feeling about future?
  • On what basis do advisers determine their fees?
  • What happens if advisers set and forget their pricing models?