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Pricing Research 5th Ed – Ultimate Bundle

Original price was: $1,899.00.Current price is: $949.50.

As the sixth edition of the Pricing Research will be released in late 2023, the fifth edition is now available at half price.

This is the Ultimate Bundle – perfect for those who want to dive even deeper into the research.

The full research report will give you a deep level of insight into the pricing models used by advisers around Australia. If you really want to get stuck into the issues, have the opportunity to discuss the research, and hear the research authors share their own deep insights that go beyond publication, this bundle offer is for you – you’ll get access to the full research PLUS full live webinar series.

We know postage is a little slow right now, but we don’t want you to have wait! So, in addition to the Hard Copy of the full edition, we’ll also send you the digital chapters, so you can start exploring straight away.


Included in the Ultimate Bundle: 

  • Printed FULL Report delivered to your door (valued at $1,495)
  • Digital download of the Adviser Insights Core Summary (valued at $450)
  • Digital download of all 6 supplementary chapters (valued at $1,050) 
  • Access to all 7 live webinars (valued at $665)

That’s a whopping $3,660 worth of value FOR ONLY $1,899!


Please note: Upon making this purchase you will receive an email with the links to file downloads. This link is only valid for 30 days so be sure you download and store your copy safely!