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Pricing Research 5th Ed- SINGLE WEBINAR #2: Pricing and delivering Ongoing Services to new and existing clients

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As the sixth edition of the Pricing Research will be released in late 2023, the fifth edition is now available at half price.


Webinar Hosts: Lana Clark & Sue Viskovic

With the abolition of grandfathered investment income and the requirement for annual fixed term agreements imminent, many advisers are reinventing their ongoing service offers and wrestling with how they’ll price them. This session will focus specifically on how advisers in the research structured and priced their ongoing services. In addition to the structures and numbers, we’ll explore such findings as Can you lift fees to existing clients? Asset Based Fees are declining – so what happens when an adviser shifts away from Asset-Based Fees? How do advisers determine the ongoing fee – and the service – delivered to clients? How to prevent scope creep? How to administer fees?