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Amidst all the changes facing advisers, I came across this saying the other day, and considering it from the point of view of what advisers are going through right now has helped quite a few people… ‘All suffering comes from the attachment to an outcome…remove the attachment and your suffering is eased'(sic).

Interesting to reflect on the vision you had of your business that the current changes have impacted – if you can release the attachment to that vision or outcome and create a new picture of your business within the current environment, how much better will you be able to seize the opportunities that are ahead of you right now???

Grieve the old, but don’t hold onto that too long. Embrace the new landscape of advice, find your place in it, and make new decisions about how you’ll run your business to keep delivering great advice to consumers.

That’s exactly what we’re helping advisers to do in our Evolution Blitz program… creating your new pricing model and defining the actions you’ll complete for your business strategy in order to move forward and enjoy success in this new landscape.

Dates and details here – https://elixirconsulting.com.au/business-evolution-workshops