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Some business owners will wait for the right time forever. Perfect timing is a myth I’d like to bust. Over the years I’ve heard many people talk about it not being the right time. It’s not the right time to start a family, it’s not the right time to go overseas, and it’s the wrong timing to start rebuilding the business at the moment. The right time is a bit like the Tooth Fairy, it’s a myth we create because it’s something we want to really believe in…. Nirvana anyone?

There's an arguable quote if ever I heard one.... "A change is as good as a holiday". Whilst I would be the last to agree that I could get just as much fun from changing the car I drive or the clothes I wear as I could from a week on the ski slopes of the French Alps, there are a bunch of changes that I am indeed looking forward to. When it comes to the changes that many advisers are making in their businesses right now, I'd be the first to say that if they do them well, the result could be better than a holiday. Could in fact, put them in a position to take more holidays - and relax to enjoy them - more often!