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Client engagement is an artform that we are particularly passionate about here at Elixir. It’s one thing to have the ability to deliver outstanding, technically brilliant advice that is always  in the best interest of your clients, but if you can’t sell it to your clients, or you’re not winning enough of them to provide advice to, you’re doing nothing to enhance peoples wealth, or indeed to build a business. In our own experience, the successful adviser is one who not only has the ability to communicate well and ask the right questions of their prospects (and clients), but who also uses a robust process to deliver their proposition to each potential new client.

Trust is a word that is frequently associated with financial advice, and unfortunately it’s often for the absence of it. When a consumer decides that they will seek advice, the most important factor to them when choosing their adviser, by a margin of more than two to one, is trust. And yet when we consider the reality of trust – away from the rhetoric and the assumptions that are bandied around freely by all who have an opinion on the advice profession, it can be a difficult position to establish, and to maintain.