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I’ve recently just published my first two articles on LinkedIn. I’ve been writing this blog for a number of years now, and LinkedIn has opened up their platform for people to publish articles directly, and I’ve held back until now. In part, because we share our articles on LinkedIn anyway, so our target market get drawn to our own site, also in part because our articles are always for a very targeted group of readers who make up a very small percentage of LinkedIn members, and also due to some material I’ve read about SEO rankings.

So why have I broken my silence on LinkedIn publishing?

Okay, so we may be a bit slow on the uptake here at Elixir in embracing social media and the blogosphere, but that's not going to hold us back from getting into it now! We've been exploring and learning as much as we can about social media - especially from gurus like Baz at The Social Adviser. (And I can't help but plug him - I've heard lots of people talk to advisers about harnessing social media but there is noone who understands it better than Baz - what he doesn't know about successfully engaging with people as a professional adviser online is not worth a tweet!) Our coaches have been writing articles for industry magazines for years, and we've even published books. But in all honesty, our team has been so busy with our clients, and I added to my workload with having my twin girls, that my plans to start a blog have taken some 18 months to come to fruition. Am I disappointed about that? Not really, I like to see it as an opportunity - we've learnt a lot about it, and we can now show all our clients and our followers that it's actually not that hard to get started.