Most businesses want to grow, and one of the ways this can be done is by acquiring another practice or buying a book of clients. In this episode Geoff Pritchard shares some of the important things to consider when considering an acquisition and in particular the traps...

Employing the right staff is one of the most critical success factors for any business. Aside from selecting the right people, there are also questions about when is the right time to increase your head count, at what point in your growth cycle do you employ more people, how do you keep them working to capacity – the list goes on. An alternative solution that can work for many businesses is outsourcing.

Elixir’s latest initiative, ElixirTV has now been launched and will provide weekly three minute snippets of information and innovation for business owners, advisers, and staff. We’ve had loads of interest for this new initiative, so I thought I’d share the reasons why we have launched it, and a few tech points on how we did it – in case advisers would like to do something similar for their clients.